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Making time to read

June 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment

Once upon a time, I read voraciously. It wasn’t unheard of for me to read a couple of books a week, fitted in between kids and work and house and marriage and all that goes into a busy life.

But that was before a) I started my own business, b) that business gave me a perfect excuse to indulge in my love of reading, and c) buying books became a tax deduction…

Somewhere along the way of being in business, as well as running a busy household, working a corporate job and raising three children (two of them teenagers!) I got behind in my reading. Not through lack of motivation to read! And the stack of unread books grew…

So lately I have been mulling over the best way to absorb the lessons in the stack of books already on my shelf. For added motivation, once I have got through them, I’ll remove the embargo I currently have on buying any more (for which the wish list is growing every single day!!).

Recently my only time to read has been late at night, after the rest of the house is quiet – only this is NOT a good time to do the sort of reading I am talking about here. It turns my brain on, and once it’s on, we’re off and running and sleep just won’t come. So bedtime reading is now exclusively fiction!

Here is my new strategy – The nature of reading habits – enhancing the learning of reading, posted today on Joyful, Jubilant Learning. I’d love you to pop on over and share your thoughts or ideas.

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  • 1 Chris // Jun 19, 2007 at 10:13 am

    I adore reading and nevers eem to get the time I want.
    The only time I can read is late at night in bed and that’s the LAST place to be reading self-development because it gets my brain developing and NO SLEEP.
    Sigh I’m forced to read more fiction for that reason even though my reading preferences lie in the development stuff!

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