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A feast of inspiration in the kitchen

June 4th, 2007 · 1 Comment

It isn’t so much the cooking, as the decision making process beforehand. Deciding what to cook for dinner.

I find it hard to get inspired when I’ve had a busy day… cooking dinner becomes a chore, not a pleasure. And watching Nigella Feasts last night I was struck again by how sensual she makes the preparation of luscious food.

My husband thinks Nigella is gorgeous (what male doesn’t?). He’s more than happy for me to watch her… I think in the hope that I will start to emulate her, creating wonderful, decadent food from my (half-finished) new kitchen.

Nigella Lawson from Nigella.com

He upgraded our choice of oven during the purchase process – as he put it "for when you get inspired"…

And I guess that is what I lack, more than anything else, in the kitchen. Inspiration and motivation.

When you prepare meals every single day, and are the one who primarily makes the decisions regarding the family food, it is hard to stay inspired. Especially when food doesn’t seem that interesting.

Enter Nigella. She uses amazing words to describe food. Luscious has to be one of her favourites. Last night she made cupcakes, and it was a ‘cloud’ of icing sugar and a couple of egg whites (separated in her open hand) to make the royal icing. And the delicious ‘peachiness’ of the peaches she was poaching for peach melba.

Gorgeous Girl and I were chortling “peachiness…. luscious peachiness…”

I’m not sure when the last time I ate for the simple pleasure of eating was… but I know it is a very rare occasion.

Actually, I do remember. I was so excited, I made my very first batch of scones in my new oven at Easter. And they were amazing! I have never made scones before, in my life. But always wanted to… somehow… So Easter Monday I literally flung together a batch and anxiously watched as they rose in the oven. I was like a kid with a new toy when they came out big, soft, fluffy and absolutely gorgeous (even if I do say so myself).

Nigella makes me want to jump up and whip up something scrumdidlyumptious… something totally sexy and sensual and yummy.

I want to be able to quiet that voice in my head that watches Nigella raid the fridge at the end of the show in her dressing gown in the dark of night, brazenly biting into a cupcake, then dipping it in left-over raspberry sauce… the voice that tells me that I would be the size of a house if I ate like that… and simply say "I want what she’s got!"

For what Nigella does is show us food as sensual, sexy, amazing. Totally opposite to all the emphasis on low fat, low carb, bad-for-you messages that bombard us incessantly.

When was the last time you thought of food as orgasmic?

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  • 1 Leah Maclean // Jun 4, 2007 at 9:35 am

    Food for me is almost always a sensual experience. It is because I look at cooking as much as something I do with my senses as I do with my head. I make sure that I am using touch (you have to get your hands in there), smell, taste and of course everyone has heard that how the food looks matters just as much as it tastes.

    I understand what it is like as the primary cook in the house and how it can be a challenge to be inspired all the time. Inspiration for food comes from the same part of my that the other creative juices. And those creative juices, culinary or otherwise, always get a little crusty and dry when my head is too engaged in other pursuits.

    Time in the kitchen is one of my best antidotes to spending too much time in my head.

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