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A spot of gardening – Erasing catastrophy and chaos

August 10th, 2007 · No Comments

Fill your mind and your heart to overflowing with beauty and the bad stuff cannot get holdDo you have those days where you’re running before you even get out of bed? Where the more you wake up, the more you think of things that need to get done. Today. Where your thoughts are miles ahead of you, listing, listing all those things you haven’t got around to doing because you’ve been too busy. And then of course, your mind starts thinking of the consequences of not getting everything done, and how you don’t have enough time, and how things are just going to fall apart if you don’t get it all done… and you’re catastrophising about all those worse case scenarios. You know the ones. You’ll lose your job. Your family will suffer. Your business will lose that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There won’t be any clean clothes.

I caught my mind at it this morning.

Hmm… felt like giving it a really good talking to, but you know minds… they relish that sort of thing and it wasn’t going to get things done, now, was it?

Once I caught my mind and stopped it in it’s tracks I was able to start to think clearly once more. I made a cuppa and sat for five minutes and just calmed myself and my mind. Every time a thought that was even slightly into the catastrophe and chaos sprung up, I erased it. Yup – bottle of liquid paper in hand, erasing is cool.

Erasing leaves a white space for better thoughts – so I need a positive, uplifting thought or image to fill the gap. That way, the sneaky chaotic thoughts don’t have room to flourish.

It’s a bit like planting ground covers under your trees – the ground covers spread their glory and leave no space for weeds and your garden looks gorgeous with very little care required.

How’s the garden of your mind today? Join with me in planting beautiful spring bulbs… those delightful, calming thoughts that make your day seem wonderful.

Erase the catastrophising and take a moment to get calm. When you do that, you realise that you DO have time (even time to write this blog post:-) and life seems a whole lot better.

Tags: Getting Still · Noticing Miracles

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