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Is it the end, or is it just the beginning?

February 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Before me peaceful

Behind me peaceful

Under me peaceful

Over me peaceful

Around me peaceful

~Navajo Prayer



My summer holidays are over.

If you were wondering where I was, then worry no more. We’ve been resting, rejuvenating. Playing games and having fun. Lots of love and laughter. Lots of food and drink. Some sun (it’s been a rather wild and wet summer here). A little travel. A little packing and unpacking. Lots of books.

It was all over too quickly though. A week at the beach before school went back was not nearly enough time to restore the batteries. And sitting here at my computer today, I started to think about the fact that my holidays were over. Wail.

But, as you may guess by the title, I started to think it’s not an end, it’s the beginning of another year of our life. Once January is done, we’re back into the activities and chaos of family and school and work life.

The finish of holidays doesn’t have to be an ending. We can take the things we discovered as we relaxed, and bring them with us during the busiest of times.

What I am bringing with me into the new year

  • permission to sit – for in sitting, I find the inspiration that lies buried when chaos rules
  • a quiet mind – for my mind opens to new ideas, fresh perspectives and joyful dancing when it’s allowed to be quiet
  • playfulness – for games and fun and lightheartedness open the path to better communication and relationships within our family
  • a sense of letting go – letting go of worry, letting go of control (and the need to be in control) and going with the flow more
  • What this means for The Clearing Space

  • My renewed commitment to bringing you a sense of tranquility and calm, both here and at The Calm Space
  • I will be dusting off a series of writings I did last year on Getting Still, and expanding upon them a lot
  • You’ll hopefully hear from me regularly with a fresh perspective on something that came up in my doodling over this past weekend …
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    • 1 Joanna Young // Feb 4, 2008 at 6:55 pm

      Hi Karen, I’m feeling for you at the end of your holidays… but you’re right, the end of a break can lead us into something new, better, different, refreshed – if we let it.

      We’re still creeping through winter here, but the snowdrops are out which is giving me a ridiculous burst of optimism.

      It’s funny going through the seasons at opposite ends with you and others at the Calm Space, but I like it… it reminds me that the world is constantly moving, adjusting, breathing in and out. We just need to learn to breathe and move with it.


    • 2 karen // Feb 12, 2008 at 12:42 pm

      Thank you Joanna. Snowdrops and a real winter… I am totally jealous! Funny how different our lives are, dependent upon where we live…

      It is somehow reassuring in the middle of the hottest, 100% humidity day, to know it is winter somewhere, and therefore this too will pass and the cooler weather will come again.

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