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When plans unravel. or. Making the most of the moment.

March 27th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Photo Source: http://www.celinedion.com/celinedion/english/phovid.html

Sometimes what seems like a disaster bummer big disappointment, can turn into a night to treasure.

It all depends on your attitude.

We booked to go to Celine Dion‘s one Brisbane performance of her Taking Chances World Tour. G booked the night through his club, which included a beautiful three-course dinner and luxury coach from the club to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and back again. So that we didn’t have to drive home after that (and could have a wine or two with dinner), he booked a hotel room in the city for the night.

The concert was last night. After an early hair-cut, I ran around organising kids and meals and animals, school pick-ups and changing sheets for a wonderful grandmother to stay over. (And admit to wondering just a little whether it was worth all the effort I have to go to, leaving the children for a night mid-week). I packed a nice outfit, drove to town and checked into the hotel. G would join me mid-afternoon from work.

Since I had a couple of hours to myself, and the room wasn’t ready when I checked in, I walked down to the mall and did some window shopping. I was in David Jones at the Chanel counter (just looking!) when my mobile rang.

It was G.

The concert was postponed. Celine was not well enough to perform.

Oh dear.

I feel really sorry for the people that flew from Cairns and Townsville yesterday for the concert. It made our plight seem insignificant in comparison. But it was disappointing since we’d made plans and I was already in town.

But at no point was I ready to pack up and go home. It just wasn’t an option.

Sooo, I let the Chanel lady paint me beautiful. I had a coffee and a lemon tart at a nice cafe, and did some writing. I found a delicious black cashmere cardigan that I just stroked and put back on the shelf. ($499 for a cardigan? I wish!)

I went back to our (now ready) room, ran a bath and soaked till I was wrinkly (careful not to disturb my beautifully made up face).

I dressed and read a magazine and was thinking about going down to the bar for a glass of bubbly when G arrived. He took me out to the new restaurant at the Sofitel РThyme², where we shared a beautiful dinner and a nice bottle of wine. It was nice to sit and chat with each other, especially on a Wednesday night, with no interruptions or children.

I thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected calm of our night away… it turned out to be a lot more relaxed and a lot more restorative than planned, and in the end I think that was what we both needed most. Sleep, calm, relax and being together.

Celine, I hope you are back in full health real soon, and hopefully I can swing things this end to make it to the rescheduled concert on Monday night. But if I don’t make it – I had a special night last night. Thank you.

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  • 1 Joanna Young // Mar 27, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Hmm… sounds like a nice night. Cashmere quality :-)


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