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What is it that really fires you up?

April 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

What really fires you up?

Passion is our theme for April at The Calm Space.

I’ve had a couple of funny looks from people when I mention it. Passion? Calm Space? It doesn’t really ‘go‘ does it?

Here’s why it does…

We’re all passionate women who write for The Calm Space (soon to be men too!). And I believe passion is what gives you energy, it is what gets you out of bed each morning.

A passionate life is a life full of energy, movement, light and colour. That is living.

Being calm isn’t about being dull or lifeless. And it’s definitely not about sitting in a trance all day long.

Being calm is about remaining at peace with our life, no matter the busyness and chaos that surrounds us. It’s about not getting so caught up in all we have to do, chores, goals and to-do lists, that we forget to live. It’s about being happy, most of the time. It’s about coping – or doing even better than ‘coping’.

And passion, glorious passion, is one of the ways in which we can make our life worth living. It adds spice, it fills our tank, it makes us more attractive and good to be around.

Do you think passion fits at The Calm Space?

Join us, have some fun, share the passion around…

This month, we’re running a special challenge and I’d really like to have you join us. It would mean a lot to me.We’re asking you to share your passions, secret or otherwise, with The Calm Space this April. What is it that really fires you up?

Send us your answers: one line (50 words max), a photo, a link to a move clip or a piece of music…

Or leave us a comment at The Challenge Space (or both).

Are you in?

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