Joyful Jubilant Learning

//Joyful Jubilant Learning

Joyful Jubilant Learning

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  “Joyful, jubilant learning”??

In reality, it probably doesnt describe our days at school, and maybe not even those days at university… Whilst I liked school, and never minded the learning, I cannot say I would have ever described it as joyful or jubilant.

And I am sure if I were to ask my children, especially Captain Scarlett who is ensconced in his room as I write, studying for two mid-semester exams tomorrow (maths and chemistry on the same day – yuk!), they would say that learning at school is more of a task or chore than a joyous experience.

But these days, a more mature, yes – maybe even wiser – me can accept that learning can be a whole lot of fun.  In fact, learning that is fun, joyful, captivating and positive is really the only way to learn – isnt it?

Hmm, well, except for those life lessons we learn ‘the hard way’.  I guess what I am talking about is the voluntary, ‘I WANT to learn’ type learning.  The learning that keeps us up to date.  The learning that ignites the spark, turns on the magical ‘excitement’ tap of previously unseen possibilities and takes us to new, wonderful places.

Like teaching a child how to play chess – and watching their joy as they come to grips not only with the rules, but with the nuances of the game, and the fact that they can ‘get’ it… no matter how foreign it seemed to them in the beginning.

This month, I have been taken on a learning journey like no other I have ever experienced.  Over at Talking Story, Rosa is hosting the Joyful, Jubilant Learning forum, with a different author sharing their perspective on learning every single day.  And it isnt only the 27 posts that provide us with the learning, it’s the comments and sparked conversations between community members.

September isnt over yet – so there is so much more wisdom yet to come – why dont you pop on over and read a little, and continue to return to explore even more new horizons and experiences?

Authors so far have talked with passion about encouraging our children, and the youth of today, to develop a love of learning.  Like here and here.  Earning the jersey for ‘lifelong’ learner is one I am aiming for – and I do hope that I am imparting the love of learning (in one way or another) to my children.

Others have written about things like living and learning from the ‘outside in‘; a new condition called ‘Compulsio Literosa‘; how one test changed a life; and adding SPARK to your business…

I was thinking about giving a short list of my favourite posts, but decided against it.

Firstly, they are ALL good – how could I chose??

And secondly, learning is such a personal experience and what I may have gained a lot from, you may not.  What may have left me luke-warm (not that there really are any of these in this forum) may excite you beyond belief!

So, let me just give an unabashed plug for two of my favourite women – Chris Owen of Pink Apple Connections shared her learning journey towards a marriage-made-in-heaven over the weekend – Shaking off your ‘Is-that-all-there-is’ blues.  And Leah Maclean gave us some brilliant tips about how to sound like you know what you’re talking about – technically speaking – with a great french analogy in 10 Ways to become fluent in technology.  What I like best about Leah’s post is that most of these tips could apply to many learning situations!

What are you learning today?

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