Blogging from the heart

//Blogging from the heart

Blogging from the heart

After my enforced hiatus from almost everything last month, I have been strugging to find my ‘voice’ and my ‘mojo’ (for want of a better word) in my blogging, my writing.

I reviewed some of the blogs I wrote months ago, and my belief level rose a little.  I could write then, surely I must be able to write now.

Then in a conversation with a dear friend (who knows me way too well!) earlier this week – she clarified it for me.  I’m thinking too much with my head.  Trying to second-guess what your reaction will be.  Not getting to the real gist of the matter – not willing to bare myself and be vulnerable.  And that is the key.  Willing to be vulnerable, be brave and forthright and write what I feel… because past experience has taught me that those are the writings that you react to the most.  [and that is why most writings in the past couple of weeks have been deleted rather than published – so it seemed I had not much to say].

This is my commitment to me and to you.  I will write from the heart.  I will be brave and forthright and attempt to find the words to tell you what I mean and what I feel.  And if I go back to writing cr*p, please please leave a comment and tell me to ‘get real’!!!

I’m already feeling better!!

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