Solving the SOXS Dilemma

Solving the SOXS Dilemma

I confessed on Chris’ Take A Bite blog yesterday – I have an addiction.

You know how some women buy shoes.  And some spend their spare cash on makeup or expensive perfume.  Others like to buy designer clothes.  And others invest in nipping, tucking, primping, and stopping gravity from doing it’s stuff.

Well, my body parts may no longer be perky or nearly as firm as they were 20 years ago, but I have a heck of a library!  I spend my ‘spare’ cash on books. (Though, with the discovery of Slim Ink about 12 months ago, I have managed to save a heap of cash by borrowing/trying before I buy instead!)  And so, when Chris wrote about A Bookshop Experience, it had me going ‘uh-huh, uh-huh’.

I am a tactile person and like to touch and feel things.  As Chris was talking about this is the dilemma we have been trying to solve when it comes to SOXS.  You see, we’re expecting you to believe that we have a great tool here – one that WILL save your sanity this Christmas – without being about to touch it, or flick through it.

And so we agreed to start sharing with you what you will find in SOXS once we launch it early next week.  Here is how Chris
explained it in SOXS Bookshop Experience:

Save Our Xmas Sanity: How to make your Christmas Easy (aka SOXS) came about because Karen and I both love our families.  Just like you do!  We also love the concept of Christmas.

We just don’t necessarily enjoy the pressures of the Christmas season!

Yes, that MAY be an understatement!

We wanted answers for ourselves.  Answers that were real, and fitted ordinary women like us!

We KNOW plenty of women out there, as well as a few blokes, who will TOTALLY relate to that.

So, what would you see if you picked up the SOXS book, in your local bookstore, and started flicking through the pages?

Well, first you might look at the Chapter Headings.  There you’d see topics like:

  • Let Us Play
  • The Mess Behind The Curtain
  • Let The Magic Begin
  • And Now For How
  • What About Shopping?
  • The Christmas Angel’s Shopping Tips
  • Oh No! Not The Cleaning!
  • The Christmas Angel Cleans and Decorates With You
  • It’s About People
  • Christmas Relationship Tips
  • Extreme Self-Care
  • Our to-Dos

But as you skipped through the pages, you’d see some spaces and lines.  Hmm!  There’s little bits of writing and note-taking to be done.

Though, of course, if you were at a Champers & SOXS Party,
you’d be sharing the hysterical (in both senses of the word) stories of
your disastrous Christmases Past.  No need to do too much writing
there. To do that you’d have to put down your Champers and Nibbles.
Much easier to talk it through amongst the understanding”girls”.

Because, you see, we take a quick look at WHY you’ve got to the stage where you sometimes whisper “I Hate Christmas”.

And we KNOW what the guilty feelings that accompany those words are like as well!

So we look at what’s causing YOUR problems with Christmas, and we help you find really PRACTICAL why-didn’t-I-think-of-that solutions!

There’s a bunch of lists to help you plan and a bunch of TIPS to help you over the worst of things.

SOXS is your very own Christmas PA (Personal Asssistant).

After reading SOXS you’ll be ready to face the Christmas Season:

  • Feeling ready and in control (maybe for the first time in a LONG time).
  • Knowing where you’re going (and where you’re not).
  • Squeezing amazing achievements out of limited time, and resources.
  • And how you’ll prepare all the many parts of a
    successful Christmas.  Successful for you as well as every one else.
    (And won’t that be a nice change?)
  • With planned rewards for yourself as you pass each phase, so you stay motivated AND nurtured.
  • Knowing that the time you’ve invested in thinking through our questions will leave you with “an awesome sense of accomplishment” as one reader described it.
  • Having created new traditions that are “less stress-filled and more love-filled” (Now isn’t that what we’re actually supposed to be seeking?)
  • Having out-smarted the saboteurs of your Christmases Past.
  • With a bunch of lists (if that’s what you’re in to), or
  • With some clear plans and techniques
  • Over the hurdle of “It’s always been like that” with great results from limited effort.
  • WITHOUT a MAXED-OUT credit card.  (Extraordinary idea, isn’t it?)

What’s more, you’ll find DISAPPOINTMENT INSURANCE!
If you reckon, it wasn’t worth the money, then we’ll gladly refund your
payment.  That’s how sure we are that this’ll do it for you!

Our Early Bird Registration of Interest is still on
offer but finishes on October  20th.  The Early Bird Offer gives you
20% discount for any books purchased, or parties booked, between launch
day next Tuesday and the 20th October.  That’s just 10 DAYS.  Email us now if you want to keep your options open.

More news to come!

Well – what more can I add?  If you have any queries, or would like to put your hand up for a Champers and SOXS party in Brisbane or Melbourne (and yes, there is the possibility of parties in other corners of the globe – more on that later!); or would like to be notified immediately SOXS is released so that you can avail yourself of the early bird 20% discount – please shoot us an email today to  [email protected].

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