Feeling your Environment

//Feeling your Environment

Feeling your Environment

Our environment plays such a big part in how we feel, how productive we are, and how we cope with things every single day.

This was brought home to me recently as I once-and-for-all fixed a few niggly things in my office.  Replaced a clunky old computer screen with a lovely 17″ flat screen (cannot believe the difference that makes, not only in space to work, but also in aesthetics!).  Got rid of the scungy old desk pad and replaced with a nice new clear desk protector, under which I have placed my year planner for next year (too late to get one for this year!).  Threw out three big boxes of old lever arch folders, ugly magazine holders, in trays, and the like.  All saved because they were still useful (just really, really ugly!!)  Got totally up to date with my filing.  Added some lovely scented candles, and loaded some great music onto itunes on my laptop.

Ahhh, that not only feels better, I cannot believe how much more focussed and productive I feel.

And it isnt just about clearing away junk, or getting ‘organised’ by doing the filing.  It’s much more about how my environment affects me on all levels – how it looks, how it feels, how it smells, how it sounds…  and unconsciously, once I started to work on the look, then the sound, the smell, the feel just came through naturally.

What can you do today on any level in your environment that will have ripple effects on the other levels – and how does that feel to you?

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