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Karen Wallace

Hi, I’m Káren Wallace.

Welcome to The Clearing Space.

Since you’ve clicked over here, maybe you’re a little like me – you want to know about the person behind the website. I know I get really curious about the personal stuff.


I have always thought it would be wonderful to be serene. You know, like one of those beautiful people who never seem to get flustered and who almost seem to float through their life, spreading calm wherever they go.

It took me a while to realise that my dream of serenity had some basis in who I was, and when people starting telling me that calm is what they get most from me – the lightbulb went on.

The Clearing Space has grown into a business where I share that calm, and a touch of serenity, with women all over the world (and a smattering of men too…)

I love helping women discover that life is full of joy once they have cleared a space for calm in their lives. Often this means helping them feel like they are under control at work and at home (at the same time!)

My professional career, spanning the last couple of decades, has given me insight into the many challenges facing women today.

I have personal experience with issues such as personal and professional reinvention, returning to work after kids, working/ telecommuting from home, balancing home and personal life with work responsibilities (especially as a Mum!), the challenges of getting (and staying) organised, finding work/career path that matches values as well as ability, staying fit and healthy, financial challenges, the need to maintain relationships, and answering the question – “is this all there is?”

I live on two acres of ‘bush’ in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland with my husband, our three children, and our animal menagerie.

I am a self-confessed book addict, play the piano, love walking the dogs, watching waves pound onto a rocky shore, good wine, being outdoors, growing a garden, spending time with family & friends and get my crafty fix knitting. I get obsessive about the curlews nesting in our paddock, magnificent music, beautiful artworks, catching up with good friends, clearing out the clutter and living in inspirational surroundings.

The Clearing Space, launched in late 2003, has grown out of my passion to help women find out how wonderful it can be when they find themselves calmly able to fit everything important into their day; how empowering it is to design their life to fit like a glove; and how creating space in their lives is like a welcome mat for new and exciting possibilities.

Contact me today if you’re eager to fill your life with joy.